“They say of an all-pervading river that it is violent, but they never say anything about the violence of the banks that surround it.” – Bertolt Brecht

Do you remember when you were 15? The age of quiet commitment, the age of revolt and of all possibilities?
In an era of uniform information and where the image is omnipresent, the role of documentary cinema is to show another reality, to make visible stories that are too often erased. Faced with the dominant images, the Millenium Festival returns with an anniversary edition that is more than ever committed to the side of low intensity and forgotten lives. A humanity that current events sometimes tend to obscure but whose deep resources are far from being exhausted.
The theme “Towards the invisible realities” marks the desire to put the human being back at the centre of attention and to show existences which, through their positions and their magnificent struggles, reveal the mechanisms of domination. Invisible realities that crack…the real!

These human beings, these existences, are those present in the documentary “Waters of Pastaza”, an anthropological film made up of fine and joyful observations of a group of children from the indigenous Achuar tribe but threatened by the inexorable deforestation, guided by global capitalism. These are the people who come up against neoliberal violence in “Les endroits où nous ne sommes pas”. These forgotten lives, these cries, are those who have been involuntarily charged with making the transition from communism to capitalism by going into exile, as the film “Love is not an orange” magnificently shows.
It is therefore to discover these ordinary existences, so silently essential, that we invite you to discover them and to bear their stories.

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