Writing with Fire


In a country where journalism is not considered a woman’s job, Dalit women, members of India’s lowest caste, launch the local weekly newspaper Khabar Lahariya which rapidly gains in popularity. Barely initiated to the smartphone, these brave women learn to denounce inequalities, corruption and gender-based violence on their YouTube channel, giving a voice to the so-called “Untouchables”. Through Meera’s eyes, the film takes us on an adventure fraught with danger and hope.


Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh are director-producers from India. In 2009, they founded the production house Black Ticket Films whose award-winning films have earned honors and accolades for raising awareness of social injustice. Rintu and Sushmit were recognized for their filmmaking with a President’s Medal of 2012, the highest honor given to filmmakers in India. Writing with Fire required five years of preparation. This first feature-length documentary has already won 5 awards and is nominated for the Oscars.

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