Tout va bien ! le cinéma de Jan Bucquoy


From the beaches near the Cosmos camping, to the Dolle Mol bar, to the fries of the Shanghai Biennale and to the Underwear Museum, Tout va bien ! is a journey across Bucquoy’s work. A story blending fiction and reality. A strong wind of events, mediums and characters whirling around Marie, the artist’s daughter. 

Tout va bien ! get you caught in an artistic and adventurous trip on the edges of La Dernière tentation des Belges, Bucquoy’s new film. Stefan Thibeau and his team travel to the heart of its filming, thus inscribing a film within another one. A film about the making of a film. 



At the age of ten, Stefan Thibeau was already making his first films with his classmates. His early desire to compete against Hollywood’s greatest productions quickly took a turn when he discovered those great filmmaking figures: Jan Bucquoy, John Cassavetes, Jean-Pierre Mocky and Jean-Luc Godard. In 2008, he realised his first feature film “Un homme qui te ressembe”, and in 2010, “Simples Images”, his second one, after which he turned to documentaries. That’s when he started working with Jean-Claude Derudder, with whom he made five films. In 2011, meeting with André Debaar gave him the idea of making a biopic on this great actor, and in 2018, he dedicates another to the writer Marcel Moreau entitled “Marcel Moreau: se dépasser pour s’atteindre”. Being drawn as much to cinema as to the theatre, he also directed a stage show around Moreau’s work, called “Buvonzuncoup”. As well as being a director, Stefan Thibeau is an actor and a stage director for the non-profit organisation La Roulotte Théâtrale, which he co-directs. He wrote spectacles such as “La sonate de Vinteuil”, a musical about Marcel Proust’s lifework, and ”Si nos rêves étaient filmés”, a theatrical performance about the surrealist artist Achille Chavée.

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