Pitching session

Results will be announced


We would like to thank all the participants, many of you sent us your projects! Here are the projects that have been selected for this Belgian Forum 2023.

The selected projects are listed in alphabetical order: 

À la croisée des chemins, de François Roland, Claire Feyens et Sarah Gouret

Aires de repos, de Clément Abbey

Constellation, de David Noblet, Jean Crutzen, Amelia Nanni et Thibaut Jaquin

Disque d’Or, Romy Trajman

Les nouveaux dinosaures, de Rémi Murez

Osman Hotel, de Margarita Ivanova

Quand l’eau deviendra noire, de Ophélie Nève et Liora Berliner

Scirocco, de Clovis Tisserand

Tell al Zaatar, la colline du thym, de Sarah Carlot Jaber


The best projects will win one of the following prizes:

RTBF Prize: €5000 in cash & project development support.

Chocolate Hazelnut Studio Prize €5000 in services

Triangle 7 Prize: 2520€ in services.


The prizes will be given out at the closing ceremony on 6 April 2023.

Belgian Pitching Session

The Millenium Festival supports documentary creation and organises an annual Pitching session for young Belgian filmmakers. This forum allows them to meet experts from the Belgian film world, such as producers, decision makers and distributors. It helps to develop the potential of each project and is a real springboard into the professional world.

In the 15 years of the festival, many projects have received their first visibility and some of them have been realised to this day.

We warmly thank all the experts who, for these many editions, have devoted their time to the festival and supported the young filmmakers!


o Presentation of the speakers and professionals present.

o Pitching session (10 minutes per project)

o Speed Dating: each participant has 20 minutes to present his or her project to professionals

o RTBF presentation on documentary co-production. (selection process, editorial lines, audience segmentation, calls for projects…)


Noémi d’Ursel
+324/76 08 05 10


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