“The day I discovered that Jane Fonda was a brunette”

The Millennium Festival continues to celebrate International Women’s Rights Day by using the power of film to inspire audiences about the issues facing women, while celebrating their success and strength. The Festival brings you films that support women’s magnificent struggles to contribute, through image work, to a more equal world.

The films we have carefully chosen to celebrate this day have the will to think about equality today for a more sustainable future and raise awareness about the inequalities and discriminations that women still experience today. While celebrating the resilience and triumph of women in achieving their desires, struggles, and goals.

Le jour où j’ai découvert que Jane Fonda était brune: 1st April 7pm at Vendôme

Geographies of Solitude: 2nd April 7:10pm at  Vendôme

Polaris: 1st April 6:45pm at Galeries 


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