The Good Daughter


A portrait of the complicated relationship between Long, a disabled Taiwanese man, and Azhe, his Vietnamese wife. Their union results from Long’s urge to obey his overbearing mother and Azhe’s self-sacrificing endeavour to help her impoverished family. The Good Daughter offers a gritty look at a woman’s epic struggle to find balance between her family obligation to support her relatives in Vietnam and her duties as a mother and wife to her family in Taiwan.



Wu started her career working as an editor with David Sutherland on his Frontline series, “Country Boys”, which aired on PBS in 2006 (IDFA). She was co-editor of HBO's “Run Granny Run” (SXSW 2007) and was also editor of Sutherland's PBS series “Kind Hearted Woman”. She also co-produced Sutherland’s new film “Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (2019).

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