The 15th anniversary of the Millenium Festival

This year celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Millenium Festival. This number symbolizes a rebellious age and the emergence of all metamorphoses.

The theme of this 15th edition is “Towards invisible realities”. This edition is marked by a desire to put individuals and humanity at the heart of the debate, and to honor those who are often overlooked, but heroically embody their own lives on screen. The focus of the 15th edition of the festival is to put light on invisible subjects, whose destiny is nothing but unpredictable. These subjects are characterized by their disruptive force, their power of action and their glowing energy. Ai Weiwei, the multi-faceted Chinese artist and defender of human rights, is the honorary president of this 15th edition of the Millenium Festival, which will take place from March 26 to April 6, 2023, in the following locations: Bozar, Flagey, the Galeries, Vendôme, CIVA and Aventure cinemas.

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