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Studio Millenium #4

Monday 17.05 – STUDIO #4

– Changes in the world of work: between rebellion and reconversion –


Labour developments in Europe – When we are threatened with redundancy or are made redundant, we often have the choice of retraining or changing nothing and holding on to what we have, adopting the policy of “we’ll blow it up”.

Is this policy still realistic and feasible? Is the pandemic likely to slow down European deindustrialisation?


Film : Blow it to Bits , A New Shift , Shift 

Speakers : 

  • Odile Allard – Producer

  • Lech Kowalski – Filmmaker

  • Martin Willems – Member of the CSC and leader of the United Freelancers

  • Jindřich Andrš – “A New Shift” filmmaker

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