Pleistocene Park


The clock is ticking. How can we prevent the worst-case scenario of global environmental catastrophe? Can two Russian scientists stave off the worst by reshaping humanity’s relationship with the natural world by settling all contemporary wooly animals in Siberia. They want to restore the Ice Age “mammoth steppe” ecosystem and avoid a catastrophic feedback loop leading to runaway global warming.


Luke Griswold-Tergis is a filmmaker with a background in cultural anthropology. Based part-time in the San Francisco Bay Area and part-time in Alaska, he grew up in California. He directed his first film Smokin’ Fish in a Native Alaskan village. Dealing with food, family and culture, Smokin’ Fish was screened at more than 80 festivals and won several awards. His newly released Pleistocene Park highlights his passion for the relationship between humans and his natural habitat.

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