For 26 years the charming Ben Abderrahman has been the owner of Hotel Mozart, located in the heart of Brussels. Every night, Ben goes out into the streets of Brussels to distribute bread to the less fortunate and to offer his empty hotel rooms to people without a home, people without papers, (trans)migrants… who need a place to stay and unwind. Completely voluntary and motivated by the Koran, he refuses to keep his luxury to himself and shares it with all those in need. Paradisiac is a kaleidoscopic portrait that gives an insight into this fragile and extraordinary ’Mozart universe’.



Bas is a documentary filmmaker. In 2017 he completed his master in Agogical Sciences at the VUB, where his interest in the Brussels context and social issues grew. From the need to tell stories and his love for film, Bas decided to study audiovisual arts at RITCS. In 2021 he received his master’s degree with his graduation film “Paradisiac”.

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