PALMARÈS 16th edition Millenium Festival

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 16th edition of the Millenium Festival this Friday, March 22, 2024.

International Competition

Millenium d’Or (Best Film)

One with the whale – Peter Chelkowski & Jim Wickens

A beautifully realized film that confronts how centuries-old traditions collide with the devastating consequences of global warming for an Alaskan fishing village. Supported by Fundacion Identidad Nacional €5000

Millenium d’Argent (Best film on sustainable development)

Between the rains – Moses Thuranira Thiane & Andrew H Brown

For giving an eloquent human face to the dramatic consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Millenium de Bronze (Best Human Rights Film)

Venezuela: Country of Lost Children – Juan Camilo Cruz & Marc Wiese

For the sensitivity and commitment of the director, who makes us feel and discover the situation of disadvantaged people in Venezuela, and brings us the courage of women dedicated to saving children’s lives.

Special Jury Prize

The Art of Losing – Sebastian Saam

A beautifully shot, edited and presented film, with a remarkable character, that fits perfectly with the message of this year’s Festival. It’s a portrait of resilience and joy.

International Competition: Special Mention

A Symphony for a Common Man – José Joffily

Through the heroic, unyielding and charismatic protagonist, the film educates audiences about decades of political manipulation in global governance.

International Competition: Prix Cinéfemme

A Silent Story – Anders Skovbjerg Jepsen

The CinéFemme Jury awarded its prize to a courageous film which, with modesty and sensitivity, evokes an all-too-familiar subject by breaking the silence of shame and guilt. A film that opens the way to healing. The CinéFemme Prize goes to “A silent story” by Anders Jepsen. Supported by €1,000 from CinéFemme

Young Vision Competition

Young Vision Award

Who I am not – Tünde Skovrán

The youth jury was keen to distinguish a film that tackles a little-known subject with delicacy, light and poetry, through two singular yet universal protagonists. Supported by Loterie National 1000 €.

Belgian Competition

Best Belgian Author

La petite prison dans la prairie – Jean-Benoît Ugeux

Jean-Benoît Ugeux offers us a portrait of prisons by contrasting the institution with reality. He films in such a way as to allow a close, non-judgmental relationship with the people involved. He also gives us access to a concrete dimension of the reality behind the walls. The director makes visible what is not visible: through his camera, we penetrate a little-known and increasingly marginalized universe. Supported by Sabam €2,500

Prize of the Commune of Ixelles

Il Cam(m)ino – Nathalie Rossetti & Turi Finocchiaro

The Commune d’Ixelles was keen to honor a committed, deeply sensitive film that plunges us into the depths of addiction, revealing that human encounters, community solidarity and the creation of links are essential for a possible cure. Il Cam(m)ino is a public service film with many educational virtues, and deserves to be widely distributed among our young people.

Belgian Competition; Special Mention

Fanny’s Dream – Jean-Christophe Yu

The jury decided to award a Special Mention to the film “Le Rêve de Fanny” (Fanny’s Dream), by Jean-Christophe Yu, for the originality of its form, the richness of its archive work and the way in which it treats the great History – a part of our Belgian heritage – from the point of view of an intimate family story.

Young Belgian Talent Competition

Young Belgian Talent Prize

On mothers and daughters in times of injustice – Talia Jawitz

For her ability to captivate our gaze in long sequence shots, portraying a South Africa in the grip of its demons, through the portrait of a woman and her correspondence with her mother and then her daughter. For its formal inventiveness, constantly playing with the limits of the image frame to show that what we are shown is often not enough to perceive the ambiguity of a being. The Sabam award goes to Talia Jawitz’s On mothers and daughters in times of injustice. Supported by Sabam €2,500

Cinergie Special Prize

Irreproachable – Flore Mercier, Sophier Breyer & Angèle Bardoux

What if, through play and fiction, it were possible to take a step back from one’s own reality, and even repair oneself? Thanks to the ability of these women, mothers stripped of their parental rights and accompanied by professional actresses, to stage themselves and re-enact scenes from a painful past, skilfully blending reality and fiction, this film made us feel and understand the despair in which they find themselves when faced with separation from their children. The Cinergie award goes to Irréprochables by Fiore Mercier, Sophie Breyer, Angèle Bardoux.

Pitching Forum Awards

RTBF AWARD: Boys Will be – Marie Vandercutsen – €5,000

STUDIO CHARBON AWARD: Une nuit – Alice Khol – €3,000

STUDIO CHOCOLAT-NOISETTE AWARD: Sirena – Charlotte Jean – €2,000

STUDIO TRIANGLE 7 AWARD – Les mains au visage – Chloé Elek – €2,000

Last but not least, we’re very proud to announce the massive turnout for this 16th edition of the Festival: 15,600 people (15,000 before covid), an increase of 73%, an unprecedented attendance record, and an immense joy for the entire Millenium Festival team, its partners and its many guests.

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