This year the Millenium Festival celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, an anniversary that celebrates a rebellious age and symbolises the outpouring of all metamorphoses.

This edition is distinguished by the will to place the human being and humanity at the centre of the debates. It honours human beings who are too often left in the shadows and who embody the role of their lives in a heroic way. To make visible people who are distinguished by their power to act, their energy and their disruptive force.

We have decided to organise a crowdfunding campaign so that they can come to you.

How does it work?

You can buy tickets and passes that will give you access to screenings at a preferential rate among the 50 sessions of the festival between 26 March and 6 April (including 15 Belgian and 5 European premieres).
By participating in the campaign, you help us bring in the protagonists and directors! Early birds, preferential rates, posters and tote bags are available online, but this is a limited offer.

By buying a ticket or sharing the news you help us a lot. Thank you for your support, it is precious!



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