On sourira de nous


Four friends tired of protests are thinking about another way to shake up capitalist society. Driven by fiction, they decide to blow up a Brussels shopping center. How to think the attack? What roles do they need to play in order to imagine taking action? Is their friendship reconcilable with such a radical act?



Baptiste Bogaert (1990) and Noëlle Bastin (1991) are a duo of Belgian directors living in Brussels. Cinema is a way for us to reflect on today's world. Through the form specific to each film, we seek to see and hear what makes our time, what affects it, how it shapes us. We like to work between fiction and documentary - where fiction is a tool to show the real, what takes place. For the same reasons, our films are often marked by sequence-shot work and regular collaboration with non-professional actors. In addition to films, we design video installations.

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