Simon Watt is a versatile science communicator, biologist, writer, comedian, and TV presenter. He is the founder of the “Ugly Animal Preservation Society” a comedy night aimed at conservation, which gained global popularity. Simon is also a presenter for the BAFTA-winning documentary series, “Inside Nature’s Giants,” and a regular contributor to TV and radio shows.

In addition, he owns “Ready Steady Science,” a science communication company that aims to make science accessible and entertaining through school, museum, theater, and festival performances. Simon also authored the book “The Ugly Animals: We Can’t All Be Pandas” and has written dozens of articles for national newspapers and websites.

He will introduce the films A la Portée du Sauvage and The Secret Life of Tits 2 March at 3pm at the Vendôme cinema and the next session of All That Breathes at 5pm.


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