With a unique film selection and a desire to offer unique stories to the audience, the Millenium Festival celebrates its 15th edition with an even more demanding, qualitative and committed selection. We’ve selected the films based on their ability to tell powerful stories and give food for thought on contemporary issues, and to celebrate the richness and diversity of creations. In total, a dozen films, including 5 Belgian premieres, will be screened to highlight the best of the year’s national documentary cinema, documentaries that are true observatories on the most pressing issues of our time.

Belgium gave birth to many ingenious documentaries in which the intimate, the political, and the research on the image are at the heart of the movie. The Millenium Festival is proud to be part of the screening of such films which shed light on crucial issues that concern us all.

You will find among them, several Belgian premieres and a few gems straight out of the eyes, the mind and the arms of the directors. You will be able to see the film Souffle Court directed by a group of 12 filmmakers who explore the violence suffered by health care workers and professionals through the intimate testimonies of these women and men who are on the front line of the authoritarian excesses of our societies. The Belgian selection includes an eclectic selection, leaving room for images from the past, images that still speak to us, images despite everything. Love is not an orange has also a place in the competition. The film is built on private family archives and is a powerful portrait of mothers and daughters who were unwittingly responsible for making the transition from communism to capitalism by going into exile. Equally compelling and deploying an intimate and political narrative, The Places We Are Not is a documentary on the edge of filmic anthropology, documenting the life conditions of our modern societies.

You will find many other Belgian documentaries during the festival presented by their own directors, such as Marieke’s Notre Village, Des corps et des batailles, but also the incredible Le pacha, ma mère et moi, Holding up the Sky and last but not least… Pendant que Nicoletta travaille. A well-stocked film selection to keep you busy from March 26 to April 6!

Discover the films of the Belgian competition

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