1. THE COMMITMENT OF THE FILMMAKER: presentation by Ai Weiwei

Rohingya / 27.03 – 19:30 / BOZAR

During an exclusive Masterclass at Bozar, Ai Weiwei will underline the importance of his relationship to reality in his work. Through the persistence of the fixity of the frame, the question of the filmic device and documentary writing are at the heart of the filmmaker’s work. The masterclass will be followed by a screening of the film Rohingya.

2. THE INVISIBLE CHINA: With the director Huaqing Jin & the producer Li Xinyi

Blossom With Tears & The Tibetan Girl / 30.03 – 19:00 / CIVA

China is often portrayed as a country that is growing economically, modernising at breakneck speed and becoming a global power. But behind this glittering image, behind the big modern cities and spectacular skyscrapers, there are forgotten lives that live in the shadow of triumphant modernity. These invisible lives are a stark reminder of the reality of China today, a complex reality that cannot be reduced to a simple binary opposition. How can we perceive what is “buried”, “made invisible”; and which concerns us in an essential way?
Huaqing Jin is a young, multi award-winning Chinese filmmaker with a unique narrative quality. Thanks to his gift of observation, he manages to present a China that is little known to the public, thus offering a deeper understanding of the Chinese phenomenon. He will  share the secrets of his work. The question of the filmic device and documentary writing are at the heart of the filmmaker’s work, which opens up the space of filmic representation to a representation of the invisible in the subjects treated.
This masterclass will be followed by two short documentaries directed by the filmmaker, winner of the last edition of the Millenium Festival: The Tibetan Girl, and The Blossom With Tears.

3. THE EXPERIENCES OF AN IMPOSSIBLE FILMING: with the director Huaqing Jin

Dark Red Forest/ 31.03 – 19:00 / CIVA
Second screening on 29.03 – 20:30 / Galeries

Jin Huaqing’s second masterclass will be on his multi-awarded film Dark Red Forest. Director Huaqing Jin has succeeded in filming the intimacy and secret rituals of Tibetan nuns and delivers unique images and testimonies. A revelatory film whose sensitive look questions the condition of women in Buddhist societies. How to film in extreme conditions? How to think about the link between the filmic device and the filmed subject?

4. DRAMATURGY OF SOUND: presentation of Mariana Valkanova

Cambridge/ 03.04 – 20:30 / Vendôme

This Masterclass will be given by Mariana Valkanova, one of the leading figures in film sound creation. In contemporary documentary cinema, music is increasingly used to manipulate our perceptions and emotions. The aim of this masterclass is to reveal the potential of sound and how it can create drama and emotion while respecting the essence of documentary authenticity. The Masterclass will be followed by a screening of the film
Cambridge by Eldora Traykova, for which Valkanova was responsible for the sound score.



Films Masterclass NL

Director: Huaqing Jin

The Tibetan Girl reveals through Drolma’s life, her religious devotion, her joy, sadness and purity,


Films Masterclass NL

Director: Eldora Traykova

Dolni Tsibar is a village on the banks of the Danube in north-western Bulgaria, the EU’s poorest area.


Films Masterclass NL

Director: Huaqing Jin

Dark Red Forest is an exploration of the mysterious daily life of women devoted to their faith.


Films Masterclass NL

Director: Huaqing Jin

China keeps lives, stories and sufferings invisible. In Blossom With Tears, the director, Huaqing Jin


Films Human Rights Masterclass NL

Director: Ai Weiwei

The Rohingya crossed the border to escape persecution in Myanmar and arrived in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

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