Amradillo describes the growing cynicism and the adrenaline addiction among young soldiers at war. Mads and Daniel are sent to Afghanistan for their first mission as soldiers. They have to help the Afghan people but the harsher the combats grew the more cynic these soldiers became and the gap between them and the Afghan civilization got broader. Armadillo is a psychological travel between these soldiers. This is an exceptional movie with an actual dramatization on a mythic subject: man at war.

2010. Festival de Cannes. France (Grand prix de la semaine internationale de la critique)
2010. London Film Festival. Royaume-Uni (Grierson Award)
2010. Zurich Film Festival. Suisse (Golden Eye)
2011. Robert Festival. Danemark (Robert Award)
2011. RiverRun International Film Festival. USA (Jury Prize)
2011. Bodil Award. Danemark (Best Cinematography & Best Documentary)

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