Four immigrant adolescents, Aya from Syria, Zineb from Morocco, Simeon from Dominican Republic, and Sofia from Colombia have been in Belgium for about a year. As they try to integrate, this land of opportunities turns out to be quite dull, sometimes even hostile. Looking for ways to express their wonder and frustration, they gather in a theatre where their fantasy takes the upper hand. Drawing on their storytelling skills, their vivid imagination and the music of their homelands, they share their story with us.



While studying History and Arts Management, Camille silently aspired to make documentaries. At the age of 24, she started a bachelor’s in Cinematography, and after two years begged her teachers to let her make the change to Documentary Direction. With her first documentary short during the following year, she graduated magna cum laude, got the award for Best Flemish Short film at the Film Festival of Oostende and won money for her next documentary film from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. Themes of social cohesion and belonging became her main fascinations since she lived in Spain and Latin America. These societies are often seen as 'inferior' to economically strong northwestern countries, but for Camille they carry a certain wisdom on human connection that is lost in our northern cultures. The use of humor and dance is indispensable in her storytelling, just as in her daily life.

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