What I Talk About When I Talk About Secrets

What I Talk About When I Talk About Secrets


The river Senne was the reason for the origin of Brussels. But after decades of overuse, she was deemed to be too polluted to be left open to the public and so she was buried under the city where she remains as the city's little secret. As I, the filmmaker, try to look for a space where the Senne flows uncovered through the city, I encounter people who help me understand how to treat a secret that I have kept buried inside me.

Director's Biography

Sujay IYER: Sujay is a photographer, filmmaker and a photobook maker from Mumbai, India. Probably as a result of him having lived most of his life in urban spaces, Sujay finds himself constantly being distracted by forests, hills and grasslands. While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Sujay continued to steadily nurture this ‘distraction’ towards natural habitats. Most of Sujay’s filmic work is an attempt at documenting his immediate surroundings, with a keen focus on the relationship between humans and natural elements in the environments that they share. Currently, Sujay resides in Brussels and holds a Masters in documentary film direction from the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters program, Docnomads.

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