More than Cinema

Screenshot from the film "Children of Las Brisas

What if the camera hadn’t been there? We’ve all asked ourselves this question when watching a documentary: How has the filmmaker’s presence impacted reality? This reflection on how filming can change people’s lives beyond the story portrayed on screen is at the heart of our special More than Cinema programme.

After the premium pass, here’s a new gift under the tree.
We’ve selected three documentaries where the camera changed the lives of the people filmed forever.

For the single price of €10, we’re giving you online access from 23 December to 7 January to 3 exceptional films!

• Children of Las Brisas
In this poetic observational documentary, a group of young Venezuelan musicians face up to the difficulties and changing dynamics of a country in the throes of crisis.

• The Man Who Was Looking for His Son
10 years ago, Wu lost his son. The child was one year old. He was kidnapped in the middle of the night. Convinced that his son had been sold to another family, Wu still hopes to find him.

• Children of the Mist
In the misty mountains of North Vietnam, 12-year-old Di faces the challenges of adolescence while the shadow of forced marriage and the tradition of “bride kidnapping” hangs over her.

To see the films, click HERE.

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