The Millenium invites you to 2 screenings as part of the “Quinzaine de la Solidarité”


The first screening is free.

“Paradisiac” by Bas Van Hoeck will be screened.

  Tuesday 04/10/2022 at 2pm at the Centre Culturel et Sportif Pôle Nord


Synopsis: For 26 years, Ben Abderrahman has been the charming owner of the Mozart Hotel located in the heart of Brussels. Every night, Ben goes out into the streets of Brussels to distribute bread to the needy and to offer his empty hotel rooms to the homeless, undocumented migrants, … who need a place to stay and relax. Entirely voluntary and motivated by the Quran, he refuses to keep his luxury for himself and shares it with all those who need it. Paradisiac is a kaleidoscopic portrait that gives a glimpse into this fragile and extraordinary “Mozart universe.”


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At the second screening,

Golden Land by Inka Achté will be screened.

 Thursday 13/10/2022 at 7 pm at the Cinéma Galeries


Synopsis: When Finnish-Somali Mustafe discovers that his ancestral land in the Horn of Africa is full of copper and gold, he decides to trade his family’s safe but boring life in the Nordic countries for Somaliland, a self-proclaimed state in East Africa. As Mustafe struggles to get the treasures out of the basement, his children embark on a bumpy journey to discover their true origins.

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