Media Crash


There’s what you see, what some want you to see, and what you don’t see. Never before has France experienced such a concentration of private media. Some industrial billionaires, owners of televisions, radios and newspapers use their media to protect their private interests, at the cost of information of public interest. Some people think that, by hiding what is essential and magnifying what is trivial, the media shapes, directs and makes the debate hysterical. All of that with the complicity of certain political leaders, who gladly let it happen. Mediapart and Première Lignes take you behind the scenes of France’s major media.  


Valentine Oberti: French journalist born in 1982. She was a part of Mediapart’s editorial staff from 2011 to 2014. She then became a columnist for Quotidien, a French talk show, from 2016 to 2019, before returning to Mediapart’s editorial board in 2020. She has a video program, called À l'air libre, broadcasted on Mediapart’s website and social media, and continues to publish surveys. Luc Hermann: journalist and great reporter for French television. He carries out a lot of investigative reporting, particularly on multinationals such as Total or the pharmaceutical laboratory Pfizer, and documentaries deciphering the techniques of spin doctors during the wars in Kosovo and Iraq. In 2009, he joined Paul Moreira at the head of the production company Premières Lignes, with a team of independent directors and investigative journalists. He has produced over dozens of documentaries for television.

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