Live concert by Andrés Godoy

Concert Andrés Godoy Festival Millenium

Guitar, resilience, artist, reinvention: these words perfectly describe Andrés Godoy, a Chilean guitarist who had to develop his own playing technique following an accident. Discover his story in the documentary The Art of Losing on 20 March at 8pm at CIVA, and experience a live concert by this incredible musician!

Andres Godoy is not only a great Chilean guitarist, but also a man with an extraordinary destiny. At the age of 14, he lost his right arm in a work accident. Despite this, he developed a self-taught one-handed guitar technique known as the Tatap. Andrés incorporates musical influences from rock, folk, classical, experimental, jazz and world music into his music. He focuses his musical work on the acoustic guitar and the fingerstyle circuit, becoming a point of reference and inspiration for new generations of guitarists and composers. The Art of Losing is really the art of winning, the art of transforming your life when you’ve lost everything, the art of reinventing yourself.

Concert: 20.03 – 7pm – CIVA

Screening: The Art of Losing

Sebastian Saam

71′ / 2023 / Germany

OV : spanish / ST : FR, EN

Followed by a drink with Chilean food


Price : 15€


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