Les Yeux Grands Ouverts


Olivier is a massage therapist in Brussels living a carefree life. When he learns that he might go blind within the next five years, he wonders what he wants to see before his world is reduced to darkness: he needs to add pictures to the store of images he can recall afterwards. He then remembers his childhood dream of becoming veterinarian for whales. However, at the age of eight, he almost drowned and developed a fear of water. He starts practicing freediving in order to overcome it and give himself the chance to make his dream come true. Five years later, he flies to the Maldives to freedive with Manta rays…



Pierre decided to quit law to explore his passion in cinema by going to Belgium and enrolling at the I.A.D. His main fiction project, “On Departure” is about a teenager who discovers that the one she loves wants to go to Syria for the jihad. The documentary “To the Deep Sea” examines life at close quarters on the high seas on board of a fishing trawler. As there were only two bunk beds on board, he decided to learn how to shoot by himself. He subsequently went on to become an independent filmmaker on the side.

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