Les Enfants terribles


In an isolated village in Southern Turkey, the director delivers, through the daily life of his family, the intimate portrait of a Turkish youth ready to change society. Every day, the siblings fight to affirm their independence, their quest for happiness, their need for education and true love in the face of parental authority rooted in traditional values. An unprecedented immersion into a family in which the free expression of emotions is taboo.

Director's biography

Ahmet Necdet Çupur was born in a village located by the Syrian border in Turkey. He left his home at the age of thirteen moving to Antioch (Antakya) to pursue his education. He obtained a degree in Civil Engineering and worked three years in Iraq and Afghanistan during the war. During one of his journeys, he shot a short film in Romania, decided to be a filmmaker, and moved to Paris. He returned to his home village to shoot a documentary about his family. His first feature-length documentary, Les Enfants terribles, was a hit at major European festivals.

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