Le chant des vivants


Every year, during school holidays, Anas, Egbal, Bailo and the others go to the village of Conques, in Aveyron, France. They are all survivors of Libyan torture camps. All of them have buried the memory of their exile and locked up the hell they have been through inside themselves. Thanks to music therapy, they will try to express their pain through one simple song. 



Born in Rome in 1976, Cécile Allegra pursued studies in Political Science and Philosophy before working as a documentary filmmaker and reporter around the world. She won the Albert Londres Prize and the Étoile de la Scam in 2015 for “Voyage en Barbarie”, that she co-directed with Delphine Deloget. Her films are often broadcast on Arte and France Télévisions but have also been selected and rewarded by numerous French and international film festivals (Primed, Montreal World Film Festival, FIFDH, NYICFF).

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