La carotte et le béton


A collective of young promoters of urban agriculture establishes itself in Blosne, a working-class neighbourhood of Rennes, and has an ambitious mission: reconnect the inhabitants with nature and a healthy diet. To achieve this, they are setting up a farm between buildings! Will the farm achieve its goal? Why is the city of Rennes so involved in this project? And what is is urban agriculture exactly?



After he graduated from ESRA Bretagne, Emilien Bernard started his career as an image reporter. Travelling regularly in West Africa, especially in Burkina Faso, he co-directed with Moussa Traoré a first documentary of 52 minutes, “Rakiiré, une plaisanterie africaine”. This film is about "joking relationships", or centuries-old bonds between different socio-cultural groups, based on humor and knowledge of the other. The film is still regularly shown in Burkina Faso. Since 2013, he is a freelance cameraman and documentary director. He directed several magazine-style documentaries for Breton channels and then made the documentaries of Antoine Tracou, “L'Art de l'autre” (Blue Hour Films), and Hervé Drézen, “Sur le bord du monde” (Z'azimut films, étoile de la Scam 2017).

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