Honoring Women

Festival Millenium

As every year, the Millenium Festival highlights women. Whether they are fighters, fascinating, inspiring, or even puzzling… the female figures who will mark this 16th edition all have something to surprise you!聽


Conference preceded by a test screening of the film LA NOSTALGIE DE L鈥橝ILLEURS

馃搮 17.03 路 6 P.M / Cin茅ma Vend么me

馃憠 Arouna Lipschitz: Living love instead of dreaming about it!聽

Arouna Lipschitz, a woman of letters, writer, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and director, wears many hats but follows one single guiding principle: love!聽

Join an exceptional conversation with this inspiring woman. This event will be preceded by a test screening of her film La Nostalgie de l鈥橝illeurs, a film without filming made from over 700 extracts of mythical or forgotten films, archival images, artworks, and post-production. An homage to the genius of filmmakers as much as to the magic of actors, La Nostalgie de l鈥橝illeurs is a journey into the heart of cinema as well as a modern metaphysical tale in which everyone can find themselves.聽

Arouna Lipschitz has just published Aimer 莽a s鈥檃pprend ! 7 chemins de d茅veloppement relationnel, a book she will be delighted to sign for you after this meeting.聽

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馃搮 21.03 路 8:45 P.M / Cin茅ma Vend么me

馃憠 Zahra Amir Ebrahimi: a disconcerting double me…聽

Actress, producer, and director, Zahra Amir Ebrahimi won the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022 for her role in Les Nuits de Mashhad. In My worst enemy, the director challenges her to take on the role of an executioner, despite having been tortured by the Iranian regime in the past. Victim yesterday, executioner tomorrow? What can we expect from this “double me”? Catharsis or dangerous game?聽

Come and discover her extraordinary performance in My worst enemy, an experimental film that not only flirts with the boundaries of the documentary genre but also with those of its protagonists.聽

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馃搮 16.03 路 9 P.M / Cin茅ma Vend么me聽

馃憠 Tanja Nijmeijer: an enigma between war and peace聽

Who is Tanja Nijmeijer? A Dutch academic full of conviction that youth has made naive and reckless? A terrorist wanted by Interpol? A fanatic willing to risk her life and jeopardize others to achieve her ideals? A woman who believes in the virtues of friendship? A peace instigator?聽

Tanja – Up in arms is a nuanced portrait of a woman with a complex journey, who fought alongside the FARC in Colombia for years. Combative and vulnerable, committed yet capable of doubts and self-questioning, Tanja Nijmeijer defies labels.聽

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馃搮 19.03 路 7pm / Vend么me Cinema聽

馃憠 Sara Mardini: from the Olympic flame to the humanitarian torch聽

How did a young woman destined to become an Olympic swimmer end up being considered a criminal by Greece for saving lives? Long Distance Swimmer traces the journey of Sara Mardini who, fleeing war in Syria, manages to save her and her sister Yusra’s boat from sinking off the coast of Greece. Physically and mentally scarred by this experience, which takes an unexpected turn in her life, Sara Mardini volunteers in refugee rescue on Lesbos. A humanitarian commitment that earned her three months of provisional detention in 2018 and still does not shield her from facing a 25-year prison sentence in Greece!聽

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