Halal Cinema


In Ksour Essef, Tunisia, an imam cherishes the dream of breathing new life into his city by reopening a cinema that has been disused for 25 years. A small cultural revolution is taking place in a part of Tunisia undermined by religious conservatism.



Born in 1986, Amine Boukhris is a Tunisian director who graduated from the School of Arts and Decoration of Tunis (EAD). In 2011, he worked with APTN as a reporter and with the channel Al Arabiya as a cameraman. In 2013, he directed two short films, ”Hamra Hamra” and ”Le Grand Sud”. ”War Reporters” is his first feature-length documentary as a director. In September 2015, with his film ”El hay yrawah” (“War reporter”), he won the Media Award from the May Chidiak Foundation, which rewards war reporters.

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