En attendant le déluge


6 years of exile, 948 dialyses, 2000 injections: Meruzhan, as much as his travelling companions, awaits a transplant, a right of residence. Lost somewhere between a mythical tale and bureaucratic absurdity, they laugh about death.



Chris Pellerin is a French director born in a remote part of Brittany in 1970. After several years spent living in England and Italy, during which she studied theatre, Chris started teaching herself drawing and painting. When she got back in France, in 1994, she enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Caen. There, she engaged in drawing and filming the everyday life, as if she was keeping a logbook. Through these fleeting traces, these little things filled with intimacy, she created a workshop for visual and plastic experimentations in enclosed and locked places such as prisons, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, and so on. People on the margins of society are the protagonists of her films. They take part in the creative process of the films in the sense that the intimacy and the singularity of each and every one of them is what tells a story beyond words.

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