El silencio del Topo


How to tell a story through the voices of people who are still afraid to talk about the past? Through the 1970s, the journalist Elías Barahona, also known as “El Topo”(“The Mole”), succeeded in infiltrating the most repressive government in Guatemala, that of General Romeo García. Lifting the veil on the story of this secretive and unusual individual, Anaïs Taracena’s camera captures the moments when the revelations from the past probes the cracks in the walls of silence of the country’s hidden history.

Director's biography

Anaïs Taracena is a documentary filmmaker and producer with a master’s degree in Political Science. As filmmaker and cultural manager, she works with human rights organisations in Guatemala. The silence of the Mole, her first feature film, premiered at the 2021 Hot Docs Festival and won the Tim Hetherington Award at 2021 Sheffield DocFest.

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