El Circulo


A Circle of Men is a raw and at times uncomfortable portrayal of the process of deconstructing and exploring masculinity. Thanks to the rise of feminisms, a critical spotlight has been placed on what it means to be a man, a question the individuals in this documentary try to channel through the Circles: collective therapies that serve both as a cathartic process and as a place of encounter. Will they be capable of building a new kind of masculinity, or will they push back against what they consider an attack on their values and learned ways of living?



Iván Roiz is a director, producer, documentary editor and founding partner from the production company Holidays Films. As a director and producer, he has made two feature films ("Gigantes Barefoot" and "The Circle"), a medium-length film ("Clone a man") and Several short documentaries. His first documentary feature film "Gigantes Descalzos" (2017) has been projected in more than 15 countries, participated in numerous festivals national and international (Seminci, Havana Festival, DocFeed and Miradas Doc) and has received several awards, including best documentary FICTS Milan 2017, and the Audience Award at Docs MX 2017. In recent years he has worked as an editor on several feature films documentaries: "Las Sinsombrero II", premiered in space Essentials of TVE on March 8, 2019 and the documentary “Le Voyage de Khadija” which was awarded at the Tangier National Film Festival with the award for best montage, in addition to obtaining several awards in other international festivals as best film. In 2020 he has worked as a director for the last season of "Órbita Laika" (RTVE-Mediapro), for the WHO making several pieces on the COVID in Spain and the editing of the fiction feature film has finished "Sound of Berberia", a Spanish-Moroccan co-production whose premiere is scheduled for mid-2021. From Holidays Films he directs and produces numerous commercial projects, video clips and branded content, also working as a platform for being able to carry out their own documentary projects.

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