Détruire rajeunit


The winter of 1960 to 1961 saw the longest general strike to ever take place in Belgium since the Second World War. Up to two months of total shutdown in the country to oppose an austerity law. In the plethora of archives, a multitude of characters from all walks of life tell us about the initiatives they led back then. But, surprisingly, rather than the gray-haired former strikers, it is youngsters who tell us about the struggle, as if they were there, as if they had been there.



Graduated in Romance Languages and Literatures. Commentator on the works of Clément Pansaers and specialist on the influence of Taoism on the Dada movement and on the European 20th century. Benjamin Hennot loves stories about the vanquished, especially when they triumph. His films tell the stories that he likes best: the History of popular movements.

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