Destiny of a Bum


75-year-old Pavi is a colourful person, who lives in a clay house in the forest without electricity and running water. He constantly reads under the candlelight and is always interested in what happens around the world. Amidst his little kingdom of newspaper cuttings, transformed into a collage, Pavi dreams of getting some of his short stories published and thus being recognized as a writer. 



Born in Sofia in 1988. Graduated Film and TV directing at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2013. During her studies, Ana took part in various international workshops and training programmes among which Summer Media Studio (Lithuania), SEECS (Turkey), Sarajevo Talent Campus (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Ana works as director, assistant director and scriptwriter. “Lighthouse Woman”, her final year project, was selected for the competitive sections at the festivals in Zadar, Drama, Varna and Torun. The documentary “Destiny of a Bum” is her debut feature film.

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