Dark Red Forest


A spiritual journey at an altitude of 4,000 meters on the annual retreat of thousands of Tibetan nuns. Documenting the lives of the women of the Yarchen Monastery with extraordinary intimacy, the camera takes the audience on a spiritual journey. Jin Huaqing’s film is both subtle and unvarnished. While filming breathtaking landscapes, Jin reminds us to keep our feet on the ground and encourages us to reflect on the contrast between life and death, suffering and healing, karma and spirituality.

Director's biography

Jin Huaqing is the director of many award-winning documentaries such as Living with Shame, Blossom with Tears, Lament of Yumen, The Endless Road… He won more than 55 prizes at international festivals. In 2010, he started organising filmmaking workshops for students from all over China and at Lanzhou, Suzhou and Zhejiang universities. In 2018, he began shooting Dark Red Forest, a documentary delving into the intimacy of Tibetan nuns. The film was completed in 2021.

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