Cows on the Roof


At the heart of the Alps, between the goats and the cows, Fabiano and his girlfriend Eva are expecting their first child. Yet, the fairy tale is an illusion: he tries hard to produce mountain pasture cheese just like his parents did in the seventies, but in addition to being in debt, he is consumed by guilt. The year before, an illegal Macedonian worker who was doing some work on the black for Fabiano had a fatal accident near the farm. Since then, the farmer is haunted by his death. How could the couple build a life with their child in such difficult circumstances?



Born in Lucerne in 1963, Aldo Gugolz first studied political sciences and communication in Zurich while working as a photojournalist for several Swiss newspapers. Between 1986 and 1992, he attended the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München in Germany. Since then, he works as a filmmaker in Germany and Switzerland. He has directed several documentaries for television and cinema, among which ”Zeit im Fluss” (1997), ”Leben ausser Atem” (2001), ”Wir Zwei” (2009) and ”Rue de Blamage” (2017), a huge hit in German-speaking Swiss theaters.

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