Children of the Mist


Di, a 12-year-old Vietnamese village girl, belongs to the Hmong ethnic minority in which women marry at a very young age, becoming victims of the controversial tradition of “bride kidnapping”. When Di enters puberty, she personality radically changes. The carefree little girl has become an impetuous and hypersensitive teenager, who constantly argues with her mother. On Lunar New Year’s Eve, when Di’s parents come home, the house is silent: Di has disappeared.


HÀ LỆ Diễm was born in 1991 in the Tay community, an ethnic group in Northeast Vietnam. She left her hometown at the age of 18 to study journalism at the University of Social and Human Sciences in Hanoi, from which she graduated in 2013. She discovered documentary cinema through an induction workshop. Her first short film, My Son Goes to School (2013), was awarded by the Vietnamese Cinema Association. In 2016, Diem attended a filmmaking workshop organized by a production company founded by local filmmakers. Then, Diem decided to work for the company. At the same time, she also joined a collective of young artists providing painting, film and photography lessons to children from the Hmong minority in North Vietnam. During that time, she met Di, a young Hmong girl and the future protagonist of her first feature film Children of the Mist.

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