Ce que l’œil ne voit pas


What the Eye Doesn’t See is the multimedia correspondence of two artists during the 2020 lockdown. Day after night, the two friends debate over the scary boom of surveillance technologies. Will the development of artificial intelligence justify the unleashing of such technologies around the world? 



Born in 1982, Léa Rogliano is a multidisciplinary artist and a researcher in digital ethics based in Belgium. Unclassifiable by choice, Léa Rogliano likes to combine medias. Her productions touch mainly upon issues such as gender, geopolitics and issues related to the progress of digital technology. Her work seeks to free one’s perception, ask questions, denounce any form of control or power through image and advocates daydreaming, unproductivity, contemplation, humour, irreverence, theory and analysis. Pierre Hujoel 胡月 is a Belgian composer, pianist and singer living between Brussels, Belgium and Taipei, Taiwan. He makes piano-based electronic music and works with both the music scene and the film industry.

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