Bruno Colmant is an economist with an impressive academic background. He holds a commercial engineering degree and a PhD in applied economics from Solvay in Brussels, a Master of Sciences in administration from Purdue University in the United States, and a Master of Science in taxation from ICHEC in Brussels.

Throughout his career, Bruno has held various influential positions, including CEO of ING, Director of Cabinet of the Ministry of Finance, Chairman of the Brussels Stock Exchange and CEO of Bank Degroof Petercam. He is currently a university professor at several institutions including UCLouvain, ULB, Vlerick, ICHEC and St-Louis. He is also President of the Belgian Finance Center.

Bruno has had a significant impact on the financial community through his body of work, having published more than 80 books on finance, accounting and taxation, and contributed to more than 5,000 financial articles in the print media. In 2023, he will release his book “A Burning Concern”.

He will present the film Free Money on 30 March at 7pm at the Vendôme cinema.

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