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The year 2020 has been a particularly trying year for all filmmakers. This is why the Millenium Festival has decided to share the support we receive and to offer 21,000 euros in prize money and post-production services to directors.

We would like to thank our partners : SCAM, Triodos Bank, Cinergie, Chocolat-noisette et Carbon Studio.

International competition

Golden Goal

Silver Goal

Bronze Goal

Special Jury Prize

Belgian Competition

Critique’s Choice Award for Best Belgian Film supported by the bank Triodos

SCAM Best Screenplay Award

Public’s Award

Young Belgian Talents Competition

Best Belgian Prospect awarded by the jury of Cinergie and supported by SCAM

International Shorts Competition

Best Short Film

Young Vision Competition

Young Vision Award

Forum Competition

Award for the two Best Projects of the Forum by Carbon Studio and Chocolat Noisette

Belgian Forum