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All Together – Millenium Youth

“All Together – Millenium Youth” is a citizenship education program that focuses on intellectual self-defence and multicultural awareness.

During one year, young people from various backgrounds were introduced through training and creative workshops to the power of images, the SDGs and the specificities of documentary film. They participated in the organization of film clubs and the creation of various digital contents. Here is a selection of their creations:


With the support of

What will be the place of humans in tomorrow’s work?

Capture by the youth of a debate on the concept of the revolution of work and the cultures associated with jobs.

Based on the film “A New Shift” by indřich Andrš.

With Claude Lambrechts, national secretary at the CNE-CSC, Thierry Harts from the international department of the FGTB and Cédric Leterme study officer at the continental sorting centre.

– Bahar Kimyongür


Telling a family story

Capture by the young people of a discussion on exile, intimacy, memory, joy, ruptures and mourning.

Based on the film “Dans la maison” by Karima Saida

With Karima Saida, the director.

– Zlatina Rousseva


Can culture reinstall social dialogue?

How can we work on our anger? In a society that is becoming more radical, where everyone is facing injustice, how can we avoid reproducing the violence we have experienced?

With Tawfik Sabouni, director of “Au bord de la folie” and Samuel Tilman, director and founder of EKLEKTIK, production and distribution company and member of the Still Standing for Culture movement.

– Romy Trajman


What is the role of cinema for a youth in search of meaning?

With Harpo Guit, director of “Fils de Plouc” and Thomas Dowling from “Club Cinematic”.

– Romy Trajman


School, a place of oppression?

La Petite École is a school that welcomes children with no previous schooling, often from exile, in order to offer them a place and a time outside of formal schooling to be or become children again, before facing the school institution that will expect them to be students.

Discussion with Lydie Wisshaupt-Claudel, director of the film  “Eclaireuses”, Marie Pierrard and Clizia Calderoni, from La Petite Ecole.

– Christie Huysmans.


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