A Small Town in Spain, triptych


In ‘A Small Town in Spain, triptych’ we look back on the old and recent history of the small town Trujillo (Extremadura, Spain). With this retrospection we stay, overwhelmed by tender memories, always close to its inhabitants. 



Jan Vromman was born on April 1st, 1958, in a village in West Flanders (Belgium). He took part in amateur theatre in his village. He works for television and theatre and also created several contemporary art exhibitions. He is also a writer. He directed several documentaries, including: “De zege van de slang” (“The Triumph of the Serpent”), “Tien formules om de duivel te bezweren” (“Ten Formulas for Conjuring Up the Devil”), “Zolang er Scheepsbouwers Zingen” (“As Long As Shipbuilders Are Singing”), “De geschiedenis van het varken (in ons)” (“The History of the Pig (within us)”). Jan also teaches documentary filmmaking in higher education at the RITCS (Brussels) and has a PhD in Arts.

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