A Declaration of Love


Curtis McCarty was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and spent 22 years in prison, 19 of which on death row at Oklahoma State Penitentiary. He was exonerated in 2007 and set free. He then had to survive freedom. Marco Speroni’s film gives voice to the survivor of a perverse legal system. What is the heart of a man buried alive filled with?


Director's biography

Marco Speroni, worked as an independent documentary filmmaker in partnership with RAI and Sky Italy. His screenplay What’s love got to do with it won the prestigious Premio Solinas Award. In 2011, he produced and directed In Hell’s Heart, a docufiction shot in the war zone in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His film “2 Girls”, won several awards at international festivals. In 2018, he directed Outside in the USA, Uganda and Ireland, a documentary about people wrongly convicted and sentenced to death until their innocence was proved. His film latest A Declaration of Love is a true humanist manifesto.

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