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Do you want to take part in the Millenium Festival?


Volunteering gives you the opportunity to expand your network and watch high quality documentary films that you won't find anywhere else! The Millenium Festival offers you a variety of positions as an intern or volunteer, in which you will contribute to the organization of the festival and will see what is happening behind the scenes.

Each volunteer will receive a Pass for the entire festival. You will be able to attend all the screenings and debates that take place outside your working hours. Depending on the number of hours, meal and drink tickets will be available.

We are looking for motivated and competent people who have an interest in performing the following tasks:

  • Dissemination and communication material: you will distribute flyers inside and outside the Festival walls. You can get started in March by relaying Festival information on social networks.
  • Reception and sale of tickets: you will sell tickets and passes. You will also be in charge of reception and providing information to the public.
  • Entry control: you will control the tickets at the entrance of the screening rooms. During the film, you will be required to monitor the quality of the screening and ensure that no one enters or disturbs the session. A great opportunity to watch a documentary while working!
  • Catering: Setting up the buffet and serving the team and guests, you will also be responsible for maintaining cleanliness
  • Runner : You are available for the duration of the Festival, you know Brussels like the back of your hand and you have a vehicle? Contact us to find out the conditions we offer to our drivers -


Interested in an internship or volunteer experience at the Festival? Feel free to register by completing the form!

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