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25.03.2020 News


Following the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the Millennium Festival from September 23rd to October 1st.

However, we have decided to allow you to discover documentaries during the festival (27/03 to 04/04).

We have selected a panel of films, each with a link to living in exceptional conditions.

In these difficult times, let's take advantage of the slowing down of our life rhythms to exchange ideas, build the future, activate our creativity, learn,...

So don't hesitate to give us your reactions and impressions on the films by writing to us here !


. Recipes for Disaster - John Webster - 2008 - 85'

Director John Webster convinces his wife and two small children that the whole family should go on an oil-free diet. In this comedy of errors they find themselves questioning their values and putting to test their will power and ultimately, their happiness.

Available on 27/03

>> Watch the movie

. A Leak in Paradise - David Leloup - 2015 - 73'

The investigative character driven story of Rudolf Elmer, a Swiss whistle-blower banker who defied secrecy by revealing the seedy operations of a Cayman Islands bank to WikiLeaks. After being harassed, tailed and jailed, the banker plunges us into the world of offshore banking.

Available on 29/03

>> Watch the movie

. Oncle Bernard – L'anti-leçon d'économie - Richard Brouillette - 2015 - 79'

This fascinating interview with Uncle B. represents a true “anti­lesson” of economy. Without embellishment nor artifice, the director gives space to the rich, dissenting and caustic talk of Maris. 

. Eastern Memories - Niklas Kullström, Martti Kaartinen - 2018 - 85'

With “Eastern Memories”, the film directors take us on an unexpected road movie into the Far East of Mongolia, Japan, China and South Korea. A visually stunning journey of adventure and exploration, love and death, conspiracies and the fall of nations, narrated by the journals of Finnish linguist, diplomat and journeyman G.J. Ramstedt (1873-1950).

Available on 03/04

>> Watch the movie

. Ash and Money - 
Tiit Ojasoo, Ene-Liis Semper - 2013 - 98'

The NO99 Theatre announced in March of 2010 that it would use all the tricks commonly used in politics and communications over the following two months to create a new successful and energetic super-party “Unified Estonia”. The theatre organised a party convention and staged it with the participation of 7000 people. The documentary film produced about the project and its influences is a study of the state of affairs in democracy, the media and grass-roots society in the Republic of Estonia.

Available on 04/04

>> Watch the movie

. How Big is the Galaxy ? - Ksenia Elyan - 2018 - 72'

The Zharkov family belongs to the Dolgan community, one of the last indigenous peoples to pursue a traditional nomadic way of life in the extreme north of Siberia. Through the eyes of Zakhar and Prokopy, the two young Zharkov brothers who get home schooling, we are thrown in the daily life of this family whose main means of subsistence are reindeer herding and fishing.

 on 05/04

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Postponement of the 12th edition of the Festival

11.03.2020 a

The entire festival team regrets to announce that the 12th edition of the Millenium Festival has been postponed due to the spread of COVID19.
The Millenium Festival will host its 12th edition from 23 September to 01 October 2020. 
The team members are teleworking and can be reached by e-mail.

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