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02.02.2020 News

An overview on whistleblowers 

The Millenium Festival positions itself as a fervent defender of freedom of expression and the right to information. By organizing a focus on whistleblowers, we hope to show you the importance of journalists and citizens who do not hesitate to put themselves in danger in order to preserve our democracies by denouncing and acting against corrupt political actions or fakes news.

For could we imagine living in a world without freedom of speech and the right to information ?

Discover our selection of films :

  • "Never Whistle Alone" - Marco Ferrari - 74 " - Italia

Each year in Italy corruption digs a hole of 100 billion euros in the country's economy. Marco Ferrari put together the testimonies of seven Italian whistleblowers and denounce, by doing so, the systemic corruption of the country. This is a movie which, through stylized reconstitutions, takes the shape of a polar to show the courage of these citizens facing the threats and pressure of a criminal system.

Stay tuned !

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