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Docs for climate

02.02.2020 News

Docs for climate 

Given the current environmental problems and the state of emergency and questioning they generate, we believe that organising a climate panorama is crucial. 

"Docs for climate" are strong documentaries dealing with current environmental issues, seen through different points of view. But it is also an opportunity to participate in major discussions on our consumption, climate justice, biodiversity, climate migration,...  

Discover our selection of films here.
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Postponement of the 12th edition of the Festival

11.03.2020 a

The entire festival team regrets to announce that the 12th edition of the Millenium Festival has been postponed due to the spread of COVID19.
The Millenium Festival will host its 12th edition from 23 September to 01 October 2020. 
The team members are teleworking and can be reached by e-mail.

Digital Citizens

03.02.2020 /

How has digitalisation profoundly impacted our lifestyles and consumption patterns?