Private life

One morning Emma wakes up to a nightmare. Her e-mail has been hacked and, the nude photos she sends to her boyfriend are now on revenge porn sites on the Internet, along with her name, address and e-mail. Three years later, Emma has enough and makes a surprising countermove.
If Facebook was a state, it would be the most powerful in the world. With 1.4 billion users, Facebook connects two thirds of the planet and holds a great deal of democratic potential. This film reveals the, power and influence of Facebook on private life and freedom of speech.The world’s largest social media outlet encourages us to share everything, however, the company is far from being transparent and it stores all the information of its users.
Down the Deep, Dark Web deals with the drifts of surveillance society. Through the investigation of a journalist born in 1984, the documentary questions everything you thought you knew about the Internet and the dangers of the digital world, and delving beyond the child pornography, drug sales and hitmen-for-hire which have dominated existing explorations of this virtual Wild West. Assigned with writing an article about the Darknet, Yuval Orr dives head first down the rabbit hole. On a journey that takes us through Tel Aviv, Prague and Berlin, Yuval meets tech experts, cybercrime watchmen, and a group of self-appointed underground freedom fighters.