The Ciné-Club will be at Cinema Aventure on January 14th!
Each month, the Millenium Collection presents a documentary and a reportage which are broadcast on La Trois (RTBF).
The Millenium Collection of december will present The Road to Silverstone. Don't miss it, it's on Thursday December the 12th.
This Friday November the 22nd, the Millenium Collection will present the documentary Le goût du sel.
Sunday 10th November, the 14th "Pannenkoekennamiddag" will take place the screening of Canning Paradise at 15:30.
Discover the awarded films of the 2013 Millenium festival.
This second week-end of the festival is devoted to filmmakers because they make the festival alive through their films.
There are free tickets available for the panorama 'Tribute to the Maysles Brothers'
For the first time in Belgium a retrospective devoted to the Maysles Brothers, David and Albert who draw the paint the other side of the American Dream.

This edition will display a retrospective of the films of Leonard Retel Helmrich.