For the first time in Belgium a retrospective devoted to the Maysles Brothers, David and Albert who draw the paint the other side of the American Dream.

This edition will display a retrospective of the films of Leonard Retel Helmrich.

Bangladesh? The name evokes catastrophes and a turbulent history more than cinematography.
The 2013 selection is done! For the first time, more than 100 movies will be screened at the festival.

Bulgarian traditional dances will open the the 2013 Millenium Festival.

Today, the larger part of the world population lives in the cities
Discover the prize list of the 6th edition of the Millenium Festival which closed this Friday, April 11th.

Did you miss some movies? Come and enjoy our special day reserved to the awarded documentaries.

The documentary follows the meeting of two european reggae singers and their love for Jamaica. Saturday at 8pm at CIVA
Discover the images of the Secretary General of United Nations, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, visiting the festival